Hearts are wild creatures.

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Dat ass doe.
I have done what may seem impossible to others. 
I have made senpai notice me.
I don’t know who made this or why they put “more faster”…
But look.
I just can’t.~
I want to find somebody like this…

Also, if you like food and cosplay that is quite awesome.
I’m sorry Ive been poopy of late everyone. But here’s a luna cosplay from Sailor Moon picture with my kitty whom I decided she should have a yellow ribbon too. She’s my precious princess and I love her so much.


I’ve decided on something. Well as some of you may know I do have a swallow bird/camellia flower chest piece. Camellia flowers (i probably spelt that wrong can’t remember) represent growing into a lady and grace. While swallow birds have many meanings. Now generally two swallow birds together represent true love. A swallow bird is said to choose a mate for life and will only nest with that mate. I myself have made the decision from a few years back that I am the same. I wish to wait for my true love and thus I have also decided that I am going to get a purity ring. No not all purity rings are based on religious views. Mine are not, but I decided that this is what I want to do. I want something small that says, “true love waits”.

So I got bored and decided to do make-up like Gaara. The wig isn’t the right color and I just wore whatever but I was bored. x.x

Gaara x Sakura

I really want to find somebody who would cosplay Gaara and do a Gaara x Sakura with me. Oh my goodness. My life would be complete.

Eeeep. >\\

I have no words.