Hearts are wild creatures.

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Oh my goodness.
Has anybody ever seen this show?
I used to love this show!!
I’m thinking about doing a cosplay of one of the characters. :)
I wanna start watching this again.


I probably spelt that wrong, I tried.
Anyways! I went to my first masquerade at Geek Kon this weekend and it made me really want to enter one at a different convention. I have a great idea and I’m so excited, I’m really happy to have gotten into cosplay!!!

Cosplay selfies.

I find this quite acceptable.
This is my cosplay of Sakura from Tokko. Yes she usually has short hair, but unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to get the proper wig in time for geek kon. BUT.

I had soooo much fun cosplaying her!
This is my Pokemon Skitty cosplay. I feel really bad because I didn’t realize these girls complimented mr thinking I was fluttershy. If I spelt that wrong, I apologize. But I thought they were talking to someone else. So if they ever see this, I’m sorry. ;-;

But I am a skitty.

Geek kon 2014

Tomorrow I am going with my friends and boyfriend to Geek Kon for the whole weekend. I’d love to meet and talk to new people! :D
I will be cosplaying
Skitty- From Pokemon
Misa Amane- Death Note
Luna in her human form- Sailor Moon
Lucy- Elfen Lied
Sakura- Tokko
And possibly Saya- Blood +

This makes me giggle so much… just so much. I wanna do a GaaraxSakura with my boyfriend.

;-; pls.


Of Madness and Sandcastles | FanFiction


Summary: Sasuke has returned to the village but still struggles to overcome his moments of madness. Sakura seeks help from the one person who has lived through the depths of psychosis & has come through with shinning colors. What she doesn’t count on was becoming so enchanted with the kazekage himself.

Genre: Romance/Adventure

Pairings: GaaSaku, ShikaTema, (lil SasuSasku)

Rating: MA (too much chemistry to let it go to waste) 

Status: (After 13 chapters) Complete! 

This was my first fanfiction story. I’m very happy for all of the reviews. I added the epilogue after I received over 50 favs (for me this is a huge deal) and at the request of a certain reviewer. If you actually read it, thank you. If you enjoyed it that’s all I wanted. I don’t really care if you favorite it or review it or follow it (though it does make me incredibly happy) Just enjoy my writing. 

If you didn’t I’m sorry. I’m trying to improve. 

 Thank you

I actually have most of this cosplay done. Anyone want to see?


I’ve never really had someone that wanted to treat me like a princess. It was always myself trying to keep my prince happy, but without keeping things equal, crowns may fall and break.

I got to see my boyfriend yesterday and had a great time. He came after a long day at work and surprised me with a plushie of an espeon which is one of my favorite pokemon.

Even though material items are nice, nothing is more important over just spending time with the person who makes you happiest.